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Reply To: Themes in Joseph Campbell’s Thought

Toby Johnson

    The image of the “new myth”

    EarthriseCampbell said the image in popular culture that best signified the new myth was the photo, Earthrise, of planet Earth rising above the lunar horizon. He said it signified humankind looking back on the Earth from outside and over and above.

    I think that perspective is what generates the new myth, i.e., the modern idea that the planet is a “living organism” — Gaia — that reveals itself to itself through the religions and myths of old, and that we are all part of it.

    Johanna, I liked how you described your sense in the store that human beings need to see ourselves as parts of a bigger consciousness.

    Mars observed above that the Gaia is is a little geocentric. Maybe a way to understand Gaia is as not so much the Earth, but Sol, the star. And the star evolved planets for it to have a place for the cooler processes of its consciousness.

    This is still a myth, of course. But the understanding that “we’re all in this together” may be one of the most important teachings in all the myths.