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Reply To: Themes in Joseph Campbell’s Thought



Makes sense that the Gaia concept is indeed geocentric (or heliocentric at best, as you and Toby agree). For those raised, though, in a belief system grounded in a specific region, nationality, ethnicity, or religion, it is indeed a start – a step outside their own bounded horizon (to borrow Campbell’s metaphor).

But you are right – whether our growing understanding of outer space, or inner space, mythology must expand beyond even the earth, taking into account the sublime wonder of all that is, which would seem but a sliver of what we apprehend.

Getting from here to there is the tricky part, especially given the tendency the past few years on the part of many around the globe to pull back into their own little “in-groups,” as Joe called them. This contraction is a reflexive but not altogether unexpected response. The question that arises is will humanity get past this?

Only time will tell.