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Reply To: Themes in Joseph Campbell’s Thought

Toby Johnson

    Mars, I appreciate your observation that the Earthrise photo and the 1969 Moonlanding are from an earlier time.

    Perhaps the Hubble Deep Field photograph would be more appropriate for now. The universe as we know it today is vaster than anybody ever imagined.

    But, you know, I offered Joe’s suggestion of the Earthrise photo as iconic of the “new myth” not about technology or achievement, but about perspective. We can look at the stories people have told, and can understand from a higher perspective from which they are neither true nor false, right or wrong.

    And from such a perspective, I think, we can understand and craft our own stories. At least, from what I learned from Joseph Campbell, the stories now are about our own lives. In Joe’s terms, we see that “the central character in every myth is you.” SO we are creating myth by finding these archetypal themes in our own lives, by creating our own stories for ourselves.

    Maybe the Hubble Deep Field can be called upon as an icon for that process because it reveals the incredible multiplicity and the vastness of the universe. Each star a story. So many stories.

    Thank you