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Reply To: Themes in Joseph Campbell’s Thought


    Toby, Stephen, Johanna,


    About themes working on humans: the inner world of an individual, the surroundings and forces working upon one’s life, and the abyss of the vast beyond. And the responses from instinct, emotions and ratio which creates our ‘myths (and motives) to live by’. HDF is a larger view, better in response from the rational part of us, or comparable better in awe if less gifted, informed or sincere in stricter faith. Just a tiny bigger view is

    My impression is that myths cannot originate from rationality, nor from basic instincts. The first to academic, the last speechless. Emotion rules and current human feeling is one of uncertainty, doubt and fear (seeded for gain, yielding for subjugation), the utter abunce unreachable for Les Miserables. What will come from this? Peace or war? Awareness or dullness? Will a dictator rise and spread a ‘happy’ doctrine, or a redeemer and spread a ‘doctrine’ of happiness?. One fears the former, hopes the latter, but not all. But we are all in that background soup, invisible as individuals. It will be individual stories, a tale told, that might set ablaze a fire in the hearts, and going any direction. A new king of the world, metaphoriccally spoken.