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Reply To: The archetypal realm of: story; personal myth and what they have to teach us


    Great book and film . The story can be interpreted through many lenses . Interpretations say as much about the interpreter as it does the story.

    Do you think scout represents the anima ?

    Our anima the scout ,the explorer ,That receptive inner child aspect of our intellect ?

    Boo is what we say to children to playfully scare frighten them ?

    We play peekaboo.

    Boo is 6 feet 6 inches . 666 the beast within all of us.

    Part of our primal survival instinct is to identify explore assess threats that scare us ?

    Fear is a threshold .

    ‘The Cave You Fear to Enter Holds the Treasure You Seek”

    The son that kills the evil father is a well understood mythic trope .

    Boo’s name is Arthur. Any misty associations there ? to the once and future …

    Mockingbirds mimic and repeat just like history. Their song is Beautiful because it is bits and pieces of other birds songs.

    Our goal as individuals as members of society is to learn from and not repeat our mistakes. We should learn to appreciate the mocking bird , learn from how it’s song is constructed and not kill it . It is a messenger of a Higher Order .