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Reply To: The archetypal realm of: story; personal myth and what they have to teach us


    Just packed a little pickanick basket of power points.

    Let’s see if a Yogi and his little friend  Booboo will lift it dine and contemplate …

    Hey hey Booboo let’s find us a pic-a-nic basket !!!

    Hope it’s not to convoluted …

    I’m a reader not much of a writer.

    Always fun to speculate inquire attribute tentative meaning .

    Let the brainstorms of thought rage and flood our mind with associations .

    Contemplate a little creative eisegesis.

    Boo a booboo cut wound . Something to be healed .

    Heal thyself …

    In the clip Boo’s hair and clothes are white .

    As a ghost ? As a tabula rasa of/for projection ?

    Brings to mind the fear induced by Moby Dick ?

    White as absolute value . Absolutes are fearful . Fear the Lord God the biggest fish in the Universe… Urge demiurge imaginary mythic ? Who knows ?

    The absolutes of duality white black Light Dark good evil etc .

    We realize when they are revealed in the light of day hiding behind the door that our fears are generated to teach and protect us .


    Scissor stab .cuts paper bits and pieces. Mockingbird’s pits and pieces technique.

    Bottom of courthouse , law meant to contain the beast .

    Carved soap doll pair primordial pair Adam Eve Adam kadmon golem  .

    Marble spheres jack . Shapes that lead to Pythagorean neopythagorean platonic Neoplatonic Plotinus mysticism and philosophy.

    The knife technology . Plough share pruning hooks to swords . Tree of knowledge sword of mind of spirit .

    Crayons , the many prismatic hues and spectrum between the absolutes of light and dark .

    Broken watch and chain , arrested development , the breaking ending of the chain of pain abuse injustice .

    Jem (Gem) loses his pants that which covers his lower nature …

    The lower nature must be revealed in order to have conversation of a higher order .…

    Spelling award – Boo is a man of letters of the magical art of healing through written narrative . It ain’t called magic spells of nuttin !!! He creates spells out his magic through his actions.

    Tree world tree axis mundi . Tree hole birth canal Vesica piscis core .

    Mason trowel cement sealed hole of cut or fallen branch.

    Protestant Freemason – Catholic Jesuit analogy ( workers of symbols ) architects carpenters . Mineral kingdom vegetable kingdom .

    Freemasons racism kkk .

    The magnum opus of Harper Lee .

    The pages of her book the leaves ,

    Are pages in the book of life .

    Are leaves on the tree of life .

    They were brought forth to heal the wounds of a nation .

    Happy Independence Day !!!