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Reply To: The archetypal realm of: story; personal myth and what they have to teach us


    I’m going to try and join these two post replies together into one response because I definitely think they address the common purpose of why I created this particular topic thread in the first place.

    Robert; yes; there is a specific connection of the earlier motifs I keep coming back to because they address certain themes which I feel are extremely important concerning the individual’s understanding of what is driving them; (namely archetypal influences specific to the individual’s own hero journey and becoming “engaged” with them); and the idea behind the age old saying: “getting in touch with one’s self” in how to understand this interplay and it’s affect on their life. Otherwise we as human beings are not in control of our responses to them; and our journey through life will often just be little more than a reactive response to whatever crisis presents itself at the moment and our idea of meaning and fulfillment will become more and more elusive; much less in the way we see our life and our relationships to the people around us

    But even more important to understand is the potential of aspects of our animal nature; (such as feelings of resentment, anger, and violence); to become dominant features in the way we as a society; (much less we as individual’s); react or respond to many of these crisis events in our lives – like the ones we see playing out in the media concerning the Coronavirus or the political protest movements that are sweeping across the planet; such as: Racial Injustice; Climate Change and Global Warming; refugee and immigrant suffering; or possible war or economic collapse. These are issues that both Jung and Joseph addressed in the way we as human beings see ourselves and the way we come to terms and respond to them.

    JoAnne; your reply was especially relevant to these concerns in the beautiful way your articulation combined many of these issues into one post; ((and yes); I whole-heartedly agree with your premise. To me we absolutely must take a more hands on approach to many of these issues; (especially regarding women); and how we can become more proactive in how we respond to them. But to combine with your approach on Joseph’s ideas I also think it is extremely critical to understand what’s driving us from the inside as well as what is affecting us so profoundly from the outside.

    Here is another clip of Joseph’s that addresses some of these issues we are discussing: