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Reply To: The Shadow


    Mary; I just sent you a short PM on Facebook; and will send along another later. I am so very sorry about your losses; and yes; I think many of us are going through some very difficult times with this virus pandemic. The Shadow of course adds even more pressure; and for some can bring clarity about certain life issues along with deep pain that trauma so often adds as well.

    For any of us who have experienced tragedy such as suicide or other forms of deep loss the shock as well as the emotional devastation can bring heartache to an already anxious emotional environment such as this virus pandemic surely underlines. And as any of us who have been through something like this talking with someone or writing about it can help; (that is if one feels up to it). Sometimes the words come; and sometimes one feels at a loss to express them.

    These are heady times for many right now; and unfortunately there may be more to follow. But friends and family can make it more bearable; and sometimes being there for someone else can help in one’s healing process as well.

    For me these days have brought a deep feeling of uncertainty. I see this playing out on the news and within social media posts constantly. It’s forms may be revealed in angry comments or rants about politics or the economy on social media; or maybe just sharing empathy with others about their particular circumstances; but it’s unmistakably there. I know for myself an occasional small rant may feel rather liberating; I just have to remember I have to live with what I write. But having others of like mind around can certainly help to add a bit of security and comfort to an uncertain world one sees all around them; and might even add a sense of control. (Yes control; that thing we all began to lose sight of when this pandemic first began to emerge.) But soldier on we must; at least as best we can until the effects and conditions of this virus are made more manageable. However the word “normal” may not be in our vocabulary for awhile.

    Wishing you much comfort and blessings.


    I want to add an addendum which I think is an important one on why I created this thread in the first place. “Shadow projection” is a major dynamic at play both in private as well as public life these days; especially concerning the coronavirus pandemic that is affecting so many people. I’ll come back later and add more of my thoughts on this but in the meantime if anyone has something they want to share on this or any other aspect of the Shadow please feel free to do so.