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Reply To: The Shadow


    Referring to the last paragraph of jamesn. post 4148, Joseph Campbell on the Grail legends explains this known mythical hero, Parceval, as the one who seeks that middle, and it is his (french) name: par ce val – through the middle (of the valley), both steep sides to avoid.

    But after depth-reading jamesn. post again, it shows both the relation between mythology and psychology – or the psyche, and that this very dual vision (parallax) is at the root of our being. Once at the threshold of those crisis, this very shadow part of human consious ego responds in an unknown mode (underworld Ereshkigal kills here upperworld Inanna egoself once confronted… on her own grounds!) whereas to operate as a decent human amongst other equal humans, one has to cope with the earthly survival, deal with them as friends or foes (polarisations), and negotiate ones purpose and goals to personal (imprinted or gifted) goals. On that plane, there is no room for a shadow. But at night, in our dreams appears our devils, dracula’s and ghosts our shadow wishes to dance with.

    Where Easter, in spring, is the celebration of the renewal of the consious ego life, on the opposite we encounter Halloween in autumn, the celebration of the subsleep unknown is replayed in costumes and with decoration. The same of old on the southern hemisphere of course, but with other (non-northern classic) names.