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Reply To: The Shadow


On # 4177:

Raised within the scientific dimensions (math, astronomy, politics, engineering), and the curious explanations of most common people (religion, everlasting growth, eternal abundance, paradisical life after subjugated life), that vast backdrop is a bliss for unimaginate other things beyond our simple human understanding. We are not the center of the universe, not the reason for (any) creation, less than an unnoticed comma in an unheard chitchat. Accept it or turn back to the children’s fairytale-view, or the beast’s unawareness.
To state the conflictness between religion and science is like equalising a god that is supposed to create everything, even that cannot be created, and noticing that water is a liquid (at room temperature). This wondrous belief in science is general with those unknown to it (buy yourself a saw in the free market temple with cheap money and you’re transformed too into a hosanna-carpenter). Science is no belief – belief is a simplified science (phrase by Joseph Campbell). How we wish to cope with it is our very personal choise imprinted by force to keep running in circles or by climbing the walls of the maze.
And whatever this choise, both vectors push us (and more simpler creatures with a more simpler ratio) through, if surviving long enough (aka becoming to old for reproduction) contemplating the meaning of life. Best boiling down ever done by Monty Phyton.
Addressing symbols as symbols, and not as a gateway to pass through, is the risk of using symbols. A cross is a sword, a star is a guide, and so on. The scientific way is to reject those transforming symbols and pass through right away. What in religious words is framed like the union of opposites, in science it is the realisation of the very duality of natural things. At the root of it there is no relation between cause and consequence, something human brains are not designed for to comprehend. The tools we use for that in science are like the symbols in religion. And both can be used for good (to understand our existence in life or our life in existence) and for cruelty like wars and slavery, either by killing or by algorithms.
Science threw me into this loosening and in the end completely disentangling of the cause and consequence. Life is not a zipper with two sides from bottom to top. This is a better view:
Consider the universe as a quantum-hiccup. It’s breathtaking until the utter chocking when all is evaporated into virtual radiation. A wink to catch the flash.
Frankly spoken jamesn., we are with a very few wrestling with our shadows here, but very much appriciated.