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Reply To: The Shadow


    On # 4178:

    On spot: how much are we consious responsable beings, most gifted of all species roaming this planet, and how much are we just beasts, hunters and prey?
    Up until recent times, the aim was to thrive forward, for better means for mankind and the world (an aim with flaws but an aim), to raise to a universal responsible consciousness. Now, with all abundance available, we’re simply devouring everything like a biblical plague, all awareness gone. Your examples, maybe western orientated, are self-evident.
    This is the very sign of the crisis of the species homo sapiens-sapiens: are they able to trod on the next stepstone or smash down like oversized dinosaurs not able to cope with now unfolded technical asteroid?
    Once we are faced with our fragilities, depending on contemporain circumstances, we’re either advancing or withdrawing. Since 1985, in my view, with Reagan’s election as ‘Sugar-for-free-President’, when the western civilisation was considered (for some) as completed, no real other ‘white spots’ on the maps were to be exploited anymore, we – the cruel children – had no other way then to kill ourself.
    What now? Is there a way out of this ego labyrinth? Common awareness spread out over all of us human beings, within one or two decades counting 10000000000 species? How, why, when, what, &c &c. I’m sorry, but I count this human species as written off. There to few (10%) on the apex to lift the rest, those in/with power (10%) to act are impaired, framed in their envious apple-grabbing. Another 10% prefer escapism in sybaritism (addiction of any kind), the majority (70%) are just numbness. Currently on the edge: how to persuade the sybarits to either understanding or empowerment, to drag the compliant masses to their sides.
    A shadow play in broad daylight, in your convenient living room supplied by your favourite payed information straw.
    Now, this shadow thing…