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Reply To: The Shadow


    On 4182, by paragraph

    What to understand of the shadow, personal and general. I’ve this volume on the shelf (The Portable Jung – edited by Joseph Campbell) awaiting a thourough reading, but inclined to very personal revelations I’m postponing it until further notice… tbc. The shadow is always present: she’s my very dead but everlasting muse.
    “… on projection…” absolutely, and the senses we’re equipped with are impaired. The assumptions we add does not reflect the reality, but add to our reality, our impresion of it: Our perception of reality is only the perception of it, and hence not the reality we can behold. Again, our senses and our imagination (-s) are impaired.
    The archetypal view – cast imprint -, rendered to a physical appearance, alive and thriving, bursting into live, love and grieve, overcomes this to humble and to simple view and experience… if realised, but scarce.
    Hope on on top of a copepable mess is ok. But we’re in deep trouble. No belief or hope, that’s imaginitive. {shortcut to above paragraph granted as done}
    That’s the challange of mankind, but considering it’s nature (I’m a member of), if concluded we’re not fit. {ditto: shortcut to above paragraph granted as done}
    It is not a matter if we, the human kind, can ‘jump over out shadow’. We are not, as any species have prooved before, capable to do so. To do so, we have to ‘dehumanise’ ourselves. A caterpiller has to give up all defences and immunity in order to convert to a mouthless butterfly… no chance here really .

    No one really wants to meet one’s own shadow.
    Ever saw a child realising this, dancing away from it, inescapable?
    We’re children in this living realisation, dancing with our shadows all the way through our life. Even beyond the physical appearances and awarenesses. In the end, for better, as an individual, we simply must and have to die in order to give room to others. And what counts for individuals, regarding their ‘realisation’ of things happening, is as evident for any species, to adapt to to needs of contemporain times.

    Gracious yours, too, of course