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Reply To: The Shadow


    Wow; what a wonderful additional followup Stephen; and adds so much rich material to contemplate moving deeper into this discussion of endless fascination concerning our Shadow life. I always learn so much from these insights you bring; especially concerning your understanding of dreams and how they can inform us about who we are and what’s going on inside. I still keep pen and paper beside my bed where I can jot stuff down upon waking from a dream I think is trying to tell me something and can later reflect on it to see if I can figure out it’s reference.

    Drewie; if you have not seen it Stephen also has put together a tremendous thread of dream related reference material in the 1,000 Faces category of these forums.


    (Also) it’s worth mentioning in case you didn’t know concerning something “I forgot to do”; which is to hit the (reply) button in the box of the specific entry you are replying to “before” entering any text. (You will notice my earlier reply located below this one is now out of sync with the ordered sequence of entries because I forgot to do this.) This feature is located in the top right corner of each post and is a special feature Stephen has added which “indents” that reply allowing a person to respond to a specific entry without it becoming lost in a conversation with multiple participants. Click on this “reply button” (first) before entering your text in the entry you are addressing in the top right corner of the post. If you click on that “before” you enter any text your reply will be entered as a response to “that” particular person’s entry which helps to keep order within a multiple person topic. Also in the top right corner is an entry (number) which will help you to locate that post should you forget where it is. This is a very handy feature to help everyone keep track of who said what and when they said it in a multiple page topic instead of just scrolling through endless posts until you locate what you are trying to address. (It’s a relatively new feature that’s been added recently to the forum discussions and should become invaluable as these conversations progress on into the future.)