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Reply To: The Shadow


Stephen and James,

Indeed I think you explained it better. The problem is accepting the immoral part that you are projecting outwards as part of yourself and that takes moral effort for the ego since it always thinks its in the right/good/moral side of things. I think sometimes what would happen if all the people in the world realized that “Evil” doesn’t reside outside of ourselves and that all this conflict that exists in the world is actually an internal conflict that exists within ourselves. It seems to me that as a species we are in an ever ending vicious cycle of pointing fingers but “what if” everyone realized that, we can dream cant we? lol

Ofcourse its much more complicated when you insert survival and what is in our best interest which I am guessing this is one of the reasons most conflicts originate. I have a bit of problems with some neighbors and the noise they make. heh. etc. And that’s on a local level in the world of politics and the collective arena it can get nasty pretty fast.

As far as dreams go, Stephen you must have some really vivid dreams if you want your wife to wake you up. For me I rarely have dreams anymore, at least I don’t remember having them. I am not sure what is the deal with that. But when I have a dream its always some big realization about myself that comes immediately after I wake up like an instinctual understanding of the metaphor that the dream was trying to convey. So that’s that.

James I will re-read your follow up reply later. I wanna make sure I understand where you are saying and find the right answer because like I mentioned to you I don’t wanna put the conversation off track too much since I tend to get lost in different concepts and ideas with my answers. So bare with me.