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Reply To: The Mythic Image


Hello Mary Ann,
It’s nice to hear your voice too, and as usual, I loved  Stephen’s story, and his rich and generous response, especially in the Campbellian realm.

How’s life been in this pandemic? My life has not changed that much, still hiking up to our local mountain, reading, wondering and imagining as before. These days, I have been reading John O’ Donohue, an Irish poet, and have enjoyed his writings tremendously. One is “Anam Cara”, which is most definitely a gem, a link between the human and the divine. “It’s the hunger for the divine, that links all us humans together”, writes O’ Donohue. His other pearls of wisdom are, “The Divine Image” and “A Celtic Pilgrimage”.

I’d love to hear from you, and how the pandemic has played into your life’s work, or not played? Yes, you’ll be seeing a lot of me on Myth Resources, after the autumn equinox, that’s when our winter winds begin to blow.

Much love