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Reply To: The Mythic Image


Hi Stephen,

Such a heart-warming response.  A few questions emerged from this discourse, so I am going to pose one or two questions here and create a thread for others.

Question one: Rare books and rare finds. Years ago, I purchased a book by Campbell, first edition, hard cover, beautifully bound, and the first few pages were illustrations & diagrams of humankind’s development through time. I found it at an old book store in Washington DC, called the “The Second Story Book Store”> The store is still there, but not my book, but I keep thinking of the title. Could the first edition have been that of “The Primitive Mythology” ?  Hard cover, rich illustrations, intense and rich in content.  I have searched Amazon but no luck with that particular edition.

Question two: Where can I read Joe Campbell’s preface to Marija Gimabata’s “Language of the Goddess “. Another masterpiece  edition, that I purchased at the same second story book store, chiefly because of Joe Campbell’s preface, and then fell in love with Marija Gimbatas too. Our local libraries and public libraries, in Montreal do not carry much of Campbell or Marija Gimbatas. Nevertheless, I’d like to have that book too. Amazon has it, at a heavy sum. Of course I did not pay Amazon’s hard cover price then but a most humble amount — A gift from Campbell, I am sure.