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Reply To: The Mythic Image


I’m sorry for the lag in reply, Shaheda. I’ve been trying to follow-up on your questions.

#1 Is this a large, coffee table size volume? The description fits the original edition of the first volume of The Historical Atlas of World Mythology: The Way of the Animal Powers – a huge volume (later published in softcover in two parts, both oversize):
The Historical Atlas of World Mythology, Vol. I
All physical editions are out of print, though we have been slowly compiling portions of the whole as eSingles that can be downloaded, though it will be some time before we have the entire work available as an eBook.

#2 We did feature a free download of Campbell’s intro to Gimbutas’ Language of the Goddess as’s monthly gift in July of last year. I have been trying to track down where that lives on our server, but can’t find it – not sure if it’s still accessible or not, but I will keep looking.

(By the way, I did the same thing – purchased a softcover edition of Gimbutas’ work many years ago just for Joe’s words – and then tracked down everything else I could find of hers).