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Reply To: The Mythic Image


Dear Shaheda,

Like Stephen, I am sorry for my delay in responding to your note. I have not been into the forum for a couple weeks now due to moving and encountering some complexities with the move. I felt that if I were to come here into the forum that I would not be able to focus on the posts enough to do them the justice they deserve; thus, I had no idea you had  written back to me within that time until I finally checked my personal email and saw the notification that you had responded to me. It is so very nice to encounter you again–I have always enjoyed our discussions.

I am glad to hear you are doing “normal” to a good extent during this pandemic. It sounds so nice to have a mountain to hike! It has been overall normal for me, except for not being able to see my mom and aunt in the nursing home; as a result of them not being in touch with their people, they are both losing their bearings of memories of who is who and other things. At first it was mostly short-term memory, but now it seems to be extending to long-term memory. I also do not see my daughter and granddaughter as much as I would like to and it gets, as many people are experiencing, heart-wrenchingly difficult not to get close or hug them. Like many people, I limit my time shopping (unless online) to only the utmost necessities. I walk the beach along various shores of the lake here and walk some of the paths in the nature reserves here–no mountains here, though!

Thank you for the suggestion of the Irish poet, John O’ Donohue. Lately I have focussed on some  Native American myths and folklore, with some focus on Campbell’s The Flight of the Wild Gander. 

On your question of how the pandemic has played into my life work:

I have been unemployed due to the pandemic. When schools closed,  I lost my M-F school job. When libraries closed, I lost my part-time library job. For a while I was getting a lot of writing done,  then an opportunity for a new home suddenly arose, so I have not been writing hardly at all for the past few weeks due to that. As you know, I have been wanting a bigger place for over two years now since I can barely spread out more than one book at a time in my closet-sized office.  Now I have a large office with also my piano in it and feel so blessed in that regard.

I hope all your family members have stayed safe and unaffected. I know several people who have had corona and one friend is recovering now. Another friend tested positive for the antibodies and is awaiting his covid test. We have had two scares with family members being exposed to corona, one of them via work where there was an outbreak in a nursing home–then my daughter tested negative so I was able to see her and my granddaughter for my granddaughter’s birthday–from a safe distance, of course!

My biggest hope right now is that people in general stay safe and that children can stay safe with the schools opening–I find that a bit nerve-wracking.

With Much Love to You Too, and Wishing the Best to All in the Forum,

Mary Ann