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Reply To: The Mythic Image



Thank you for your warm wishes for me in my new abode! I do feel it will be a new lease on life to be in a space in which there will be more space, space for more harmony!

My significant other’s name is Dennie. I do have a cousin named Kenny 🙂 Dennie has been a big Campbell fan for years ever since he saw/heard The Power of Myth, which he finds a lot in common with his musical experiences. He is not much into computers or technology other than electronics with his music speakers, electric guitars, microphones, or sound boards, etc. He is not much online, very rarely on Facebook, and rarely uses email–most his music business as well as conversations with friends and family is all on phone or in person. (Very old school!) So it is doubtful he will come into the forum! 🙂

My daughter is good–she found out on the 8th that her covid test was negative, thank goodness; we were all on “pins and needles” for a while because of the outbreak of covid where she works at a nursing home. My granddaughter is well also–she just had a birthday, my dear little Leo lioness!  She is certainly the lion-hearted. Thank you for asking.

I am so glad to hear the good news that your son has a good job and that your daughter is well and that you had the opportunity to visit her in Denver and walk the trails in the Rockies. We could share our stories of hiking in the Rockies sometime–for me it was decades ago since I have been there except for the airport! We have no mountains here in OH, so it was quite a treat to be in the mountains.

I hope you find the books you are looking for! Your search sounds like a fun adventure! The bookstore you mention reminds me of a bookstore I used to frequent in Ann Arbor, MI that was in the “underworld!” It was in a sort of tunnel going down some steps under another building on the street and it was second-hand books. I have stumbled across some interesting books there–I don’t even know if it is there anymore, I would have to search or visit again, it’s been so long.

Your dream of Campbell and his birthday sounds like quite a nice gift from the dreamworld; how special that you got to meet Joe! 🙂

My dream world has been very rich and detailed. I write my dreams down in my journal with my interpretations always, so my journal has been very full. I am looking forward to the dream topic on the forum that Stephen mentioned he might launch. There is probably a Campbell quote that could apply to many a dream we have had, since dreams and myths (as we all know) come from the same place as Campbell stated.

Looking forward to more discussions!~

Wishing you blessings as always!~

Mary Ann