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Reply To: The Mythic Image


Dear Shaheda, Steve, Everyone,

Shaheda, of course you are excused–I myself am not always as good at remembering names as I am at remembering faces!

Stephen, I too love how this Meet & Greet has brought up discussion. It is a nice atmosphere here in the Meet and Greet for personal and casual discussion on the topics at hand in the forum. Thank you for providing this space in the forum and the entire forum itself.

I am finally back online and back to the forum after a couple-few weeks offline. We got settled into our new place and it took awhile for us to get our online service here. It felt like camping out when we did not have internet connection, TV/movies, or hot water. To shower or do the laundry, we had to drive back to our old place. But we did get the gas hooked up a few days ago finally.

If there were a dream topic space, I would begin posting and discussing some of my dreams, but I am not sure where to place them. I would be happy to help out with the dream topic forum if any help would be desired, along with Shaheda since we are both so into dreams. I studied dream interpretation/analysis through a Jungian lens, and I also enjoy the correspondences to Campbell’s writings and quotes to dreams in the mythic realm, which I think Shaheda is very good at doing.

It is interesting to me that when we moved in here to the new place that my dream images were strange, very much changed. I was seeing images in the hypnagogic state (right before or at the time of falling into sleep) that were not at all typical of my “type” of archetype or archetypal symbols. They were much “darker,” for lack of a better word, and some of the images were disturbing. I may have picked up on some of the previous owner’s psychic (psyche’s) residue, as I sense she had been troubled when she moved about her move and some health matters she experienced before leaving. There were remnants of things around, too, that hinted at health matters. It is possible too that most the “residue” was my own psychic daily residue of encountering/seeing those remnants she left behind that (again) hinted at a health matter. Plus, even though she was happy to be leaving to start a new life elsewhere, she also seemed a bit sad to be leaving this house, even though she was happy we bought it, loved it, and would take care of it.

I wondered if the woman who used to live here was a Tim Burton fan–so many of the images I saw were of his style of animation and I did even see some of the characters as I fell asleep! It seems she had grandchildren here with her a lot and perhaps those were some of the films they watched together…  <Smile face emoticon could go here!>

Oh, I could go on, but will stop here!

Could we do dream discussions in one of the other already existing forum topics? Maybe I will post one under the place where we can discuss our own work, etc.