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Reply To: The Power of Myth opened the door



As I’m putting together a post on where to begin when it comes to reading Joseph Campbell, I came across this thread. Now, a little over 16 months later, I’m curious if you are any farther along in the Masks of God series – or have you detoured into other works by Campbell?

Both The Hero with a Thousand Faces and the volumes of The Masks of God are ambitious reads in this soundbite and internet era (where short attention spans seem to rule). Have you had a chance to take a look at some of Campbell’s essay collections, or his posthumous works?

So many do start with The Power of Myth television interviews – and then today there are so many other options as well (particularly the well over 70 hours in the Joseph Campbell audio collection) . . . and – for those looking for “free” Campbell – there are the previously unreleased talks in the Joseph Campbell: Pathways podcasts (which, with bonus episodes, add up to about 15 hours so far), so theoretically it’s possible to develop a relatively broad grasp of Campbell’s themes without ever opening a book.

Nevertheless, much as I love hearing his voice, I really appreciate the written word – especially his deep, mind boggling dives in Hero and Masks . . .