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Reply To: What are the myths of Good vs. Evil


    Hello Kenneth; welcome here. Chief moderator: Stephen Gerringer; may drop by at some point and be able to better advise you; but in the meantime I’ll offer a couple of suggestions that may help. Alas the Roundtable discussion groups are pretty much gone; (but there is no group per say that answers specific questions as you requested); You can of course just post a question as a topic; which actually may be a good way to get information; but the whole website is basically setup to help you find information about Joseph and his ideas if you know where to look.

    The top row of drop down buttons are all categorized by subject and resource concerning which area has access to the various topics you can search for Joseph’s material and various Foundation areas of classification for further research on your own. You have already found the “Conversations” which are basically setup for people to choose a topic of interest to discuss with other members.

    Depending on your background knowledge of Joseph’s scholarship and themes there are however some general overview video documentaries such as: Bill Moyers excellent 6 part series – The Power of Myth; (which many in the general public already know about); The biographical video documentary: “The Hero’s Journey – Joseph Campbell on his Life and Work”- (which also has a companion book which includes more discussion with him about his life. I would also suggest foundation editor- David Kudler’s excellent: “Pathways to Bliss”; and one of my favorite’s: Diane K. Osbon’s: “Reflections on the Art of Living – A Joseph Campbell Companion”; as helpful guides to insights into Joseph’s themes and some practical applications in Joseph’s own words. And the more recent videos by Pat Soloman: “Finding Joe”; and Stephen and Whitney Boe’s: “Mythic Journey’s”. These have been the most helpful for me over the last 30 years in finding practical applications that actually work; but that is just in my experience. Your may have other areas in mind concerning your documentary; but they may be a place to start.

    You mentioned quotes by Joseph so will I suggest going to the above dropdown menus to the specific section that says: Campbell’s Works; click quotes; that provides 436 of them. Enjoy; and again; welcome here.