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Reply To: What are the myths of Good vs. Evil


And again, from POM:

“We typically live in a world of duality: good and bad, true and untrue, but mythology shows us that there’s an underlying union between the polarities, a Yin and Yang where there is always some good in bad and vice versa. There is no black and white.

The denial of mythology, and the absence of transcendent religious experiences, is what Campbell thinks has turned young people to drugs.”


“A constant image [in myths] is that of the conflict of the eagle and the serpent. The serpent bound to the earth, the eagle in spiritual flight – isn’t that conflict something we all experience? And then, when the two amalgamate, we get a wonderful dragon, a serpent with wings.”
― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

Examples of duality and how to deal with the good and bad:

Perhaps, in “Myths to Live By”.. “If a hijacker wants to board your plane, you are not going to say, come right in…”