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Reply To: 1997 reprint of The Mythic Image


Hello David,

I was a proud owner of Joe’s 1974 Hardcover Princeton Edition of the Mythic Image. I lost all my books, some  from storage, and some during other unintended, unfortunate moves. There area  few books that I grieve for, and Joe’s Mythic Image, 1974 Princeton Edition is on the top of my  unfortunate-loss-list. I have seen other editions in libraries but they do not measure up to the Princeton Edition.  Why is it so?  Of course paperbacks are inexcusable.

“By the way, if you’d like to read Campbell’s discussions with the editors at Princeton about both the 1974 edition and the 1981 paperback (about which he was furious), check out Correspondence: 1927–1987. The letters are… enlightening” Thank you. I am looking forward to reading the letters.