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Reply To: The Editorial Function of Myth


    “Zero in…” that’s american slang to renullify the datum.
    JC or someone else referred to New Guinea, were all the peoples of that island were completely alienated from others (by speech – another fine discussionn on this platform), and must have developed different mythologies too.
    So, it is not a question in absolute terms (what are the dominant mythologies), but a relative: what influence occured during the last (not so very respectfull) centuries from the then dominant culture upon the more mundaine cultures, still more embedded in tradition rather then the exploration and exploitation of others? And what about the mutual effects? What is changed, or lost? What is preserved and handed through?
    Feynman prooves ultimately that things we consider as going only in one direction (like time) are not bound to our perception of it. This fractional perception is the very cause to all myth. An explanation must be given, or we’re beast. And dog’s do talk, in their own voice. We humans are plus 99.99999% identical, but our temporarely perception, like the people on a remote island, do want to distinguish ‘us from others’, polarise, fight, conquer, adept, live. No one is to blame, it’s our nature, our limitation, constriction. Tales, in their form of communication, more formal embodied as myths, bridges these gaps. Only if we dare to speak alien, if we dare to listen.

    To consider the size of the blind spot, a part of my Ego Labyrinth, the Rumsfeld Quadrant (the rational part):
    > Donald Rumsfeld, former SoD and other things, documentary The Unknown Known. Framed in his heritage.
    > A piece of paper, being it Letter size (standard us-ers), or A4 (europs), a palmleaf will suffice too.
    There is a top border, and there is a side border.
    The crossing of both is your aware conciousness, your actual ratio.
    The rest of the upper border is a bit forgotten, your not present memories.
    The rest of the side border is what can be imagined as what cannot be known.
    The rest is the void.
    The void is 90%, your imagination 9%, your memories 0.9%.
    Your left with 0.1% consiousness, your ratio, the very base of all your decisions, acting, caring, loving, hating, telling, being.
    Don’t blame your parents, they were framed in their time. Don’t blame others for your misfortune, as they were not involved at all.
    Blind we are, and maybe better must be so?