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Reply To: The Editorial Function of Myth


    Joseph called this: (“a free fall into the future”). To me the bridging of varying perceptions becomes a major concern because the modern world has put such huge demands on interconnecting cross-cultural as well as diverse modes of interplay that the psyche becomes disoriented; and memory without meaning becomes lost without direction.

    “Cultural” borders have dissolved and the “myths” that held them together no longer apply. Technology has had such an enormous impact over the decades; and with the ever-increasing population growth and increased complexity of social development that the editorial function has had to absorb; “memory” as well as normal decision making becomes overtaxed in finding meaning, making decisions, and communicating.

    Joseph referred to this as the: “airport society” where one could fly anywhere in the world in a matter of hours; and man understanding is no longer contained within the cultural boundaries of his older society.

    that he saw this sort of thing as a coming concern because humans need meaning when navigating chaos. So now you have Joseph’s idea of a “personal myth” as navigator as opposed to a “cultural” myth.


    Jamesn, your very close to this zero!

    Overtaxed or overloaded are many already. With lost grounds, without references anymore, everybody is in need of a beacon. Cast in these waves of technology, without being able to swim. I’m educated with technology, know how to cope with the old and the new, both firm and sure on both traditions, comparing with memories and adapting – editing to the future. But save those roaming this site, and the priviledged, so many are hopelessly lost. One buys a awry saw in a diy shop and you’re your own master, equal, no even better compared to the tradies.
    Is this the demand by the masses for a shining watchtower, either religious or political, polarized to the extreme? The brighter is shines, the more flies it attracts.

    In the addendum of #4257, the escapism of the last 20 odd years towards faries, parallel myth’s and scifi (I read them all with pleasure, but there’s good stuff, prophetic even {*} and crap), one can see this as the shadow of technology. So easy to believe, the final redemption. Polarities made clear to understand, the good and the bad. Us or them. And from the screen to the living room to the mind. But what is the actual editing power of this little editor? What is within the individual horizon, memory and imagination, and what remains in the void? What is a great editor?

    Zero as a focus… curious. Leaving everything out to aim at the center only. A singular gain.
    {*} High Rise, Ballard, 1975