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Reply To: “Ecstasy of Being”


Briefly pasting links.
Am very happy to have seen some clips of Jean Erdman in action.
Her control in motion is sublime and nowhere near as easy as she makes it look!

Modern still requires technique form even if expressed differently from ballet. There is still the necessity of “carriage” just as in ballet in order to perform movements in precision.
And both require a strong center for expression as well as to prevent injury of the dancer. But agree there is a sense of more freedom and less bounds in spatial movement and interpretation.

im including a link below a clip of excerpts of Alvin Ailey’s Revelations

Was lucky enough to see them perform in Greenville, SC at the Greenville Peace Center years ago.

Need to amend my earlier post.

Ailey’s works are referenced as “ballets.” And watching this clip—-have to admit there is a lot of ballet in it but also an overlap. The Wings of Revelations remind me of Graham and Wade in the Water releases more into a freedom of movement and celebration.

Will post another clip but have to copy first.