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Reply To: “Ecstasy of Being”


Thank you, sunbug, for posting these clips.

In the thread  with Nancy Allison discussing Jean Erman’s dance art in our Campbell in Culture forum, I posted the announcement of a talk by Nancy Allison, hosted by the National Arts Club (which honored Joseph Campbell with their Gold Medal for Literature in his 80th year) on March 29, entitled Location and Sensation, which included four brief films by Nancy (one of which was a staging of “Hamadryad,” a Jean Erdman dance she taught to Nancy, in a nature setting).

I attended the online event, which enhanced my appreciation of how adding film to dance creates a novel art form (which reminded me of how Jean’s innovation of adding the spoken word to dance brought to life something new). Fortunately, the NAC later posted the talk (which includes the films) to YouTube. I shared the link in the Jean Erdman thread, but thought you might not have reason to visit that conversation of late, so wanted to post it here as well, for your viewing pleasure.