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Reply To: “Ecstasy of Being”


Hi SUnbug,

Thank you for posting this video also. I really enjoyed this one too. What caught my attention in this one was how much the clothing was just as much a part of the movement as the dance moves themselves. In many dance costumes it is noticeable to me that the dress/costume expresses something about the dance or the story of the dance behind the visuals; whereas here the clothing in so many places seems more of an immediate sense of the dance itself as if not just a characteristic of the dancer (or say character in a ballet, etc.) but part of the actual soul or spirit of the dancer. The way he positioned his feet also struck me as unique in certain steps where he put his foot into the air and bent back his toes so as to make the foot appear to have a regular “step” walking in air rather than a pointed toe step. I really liked that.

~ Marianne