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Reply To: “Ecstasy of Being”



Glad you enjoyed the clips…

Seeing hearing Robert Mirabal both on tv and in person was a transcendent experience in itself. Thanks to PBS was made aware of this Native Troubadour! His flute is beautiful!
Yes you are right on the details! Rulan splashing the water from the stream onto her face while listening to the flute from the forest…and I always imagined when her arms were circled she was carrying a basket to the riverbank.
And again on Desmond Richardson excellent description of how his attire becomes the soul of the dance so he is showing through raw and not costumed as a character…I relate to costumes on a different level but alas sewing not one of my talents but my Mother (artist and astronomer) also designed and sewed my various costumes for my different styles of tap dances. So definitely good memories there!
Ahh the flexed foot does indeed make some of the moves much more naturalistic especially when he is behind the desk and kicks up his leg then walks heel toe or I may need to watch the sequence again.
The way a dancer holds his or her foot is very important related to dance itself
Both the pointed foot and the flexed (toes back) can be very beautiful and symmetrical depending on the call of the dance or choreography.

Though both artistic applications of foot position can serve another purpose especially when working with young students. When a student has not had as much ballet training in his or her dance I’ve had to gently admonish (the dangle foot) while complimenting their hard work in other areas. it’s easy to do the dangle foot when a student is moving/learning Concentrating on one step to the next but transitions are very important (sorry sure I’m talking to the choir with you! 🙂

So long and short of that is the constant reminder of pointing the feet until it becomes 2nd nature BUT I also say the flexed foot is nice too—-just depends on choreography.

As for the Nutcracker I have other stories from that time some which are the equivalent of making a sad song better. Memories of tears and smiles in the Winter of the Year (losing someone who was the heart of our nutcracker to fate and how a young 15 year old Italian/American  boy—-saved our Nutcracker by stepping into another’s dance boots)


I will have to give the Nod to you Marianne on TM! My knowledge is more vicarious through my love of the Beatles and their music and through hearing various talks at the NY/NJ Metro Fest for Beatles Fans.

There was a man, Paul Saltzman, who came to the Fest in different years.
He had gone to rishikesh to mend a broken heart and was there the same time as the Beatles. And he took photos of them and they were all very nice to him. He has beautiful stories from those times as well as beautiful photos.

So he talked a little about TM…and how much the meditation made a huge difference in his life.
He recently put out a video of his time there…I’m not sure if there is still a stream cost. Hoping eventually there will be a DVD.

And others have spoken at B’fest about TM or meeting the Marahishi.
So to be fair I’ve certainly not done as deep a dive as you Marianne! Considering your parents too!

That is awesome!

I have meditated—more nature awareness based—-occasionally in the past have done a breathing mantra and yes I did notice a more tingly peaceful feeling.
For me seeing the green of trees or the suddenness of a deer or other animal before me resonates in my soul.
Sometimes I play my Native flute and enjoy that too.
But am thinking we all could use meditation now! Amen Marianne!