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Reply To: “Ecstasy of Being”


Meditation in general would be a wonderful topic, though in some other category than the Joseph Campbell’s Works forum, and transcendental meditation, aka TM (which comes to us courtesy of Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi) would certainly be among the many types of meditation discussed.

You could start a stand-alone topic on TM as well, which is one of the most popular forms of meditation, but also a $3.5 billion global business (Deepak Chopra, chief spokesperson for the TM movement in the 1980s, began his solo, independent career in the wake of a power struggle in 1993 with Mahesh Yogi, who was concerned about competing practitioners undercutting the fees charged for TM), which creates an intriguing tension: separating the personal psychological and/or spiritual benefits of the practice from the dollar-driven business that grew up around it is probably not difficult for those who practice TM, but a bit murkier for those outside the movement.