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Reply To: Campbell Centered Reading List for Community College


Hi, Stephen,

The titles you recommend look exciting. You have helped me get my summer reading off to a great start!

In my previous discussions of the Monomyth, I have used Stephen Mitchell’s translation of Gilgamesh. Students enjoy it and it is a good text from which to explore the Hero’s Journey.

I am looking for primary texts (like The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony) as well as more theoretical secondary sources that help us better understand the primary texts and how they evince Campbell’s theories (like Myth of the Goddess). So your recommendations are much appreciated.

I also invite any recommendations for works of contemporary fiction that are reflective of diverse cultural, linguistic, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds and are productively examined through a mythological lens. I have found The Road to Tamazunchale and Bless Me, Ultima good titles for Campbellian analysis as well reflecting the lives and experiences of many of my students here in Southern California.

With gratitude,