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Reply To: Question regarding dyad


I am glad to hear there are “Reylos.” I have never quite grokked the animus some very vociferous fans have expressed toward Rey, starting with The Force Awakens.

Even the early criticism that Rey was just a “Mary Sue” (someone who almost immediately becomes an adept at something one has just learned – like dueling with light sabers, or wielding the Force) could just as easily be applied to Luke Skywalker (who has about two minutes training from Obi Wan Kenobi in the Force and fighting with a light saber on the way to Alderon, and has never piloted any craft off-planet before – yet after two flight-simulator sessions and 30 seconds of instruction is an expert pilot who uses the Force to blow up the Death Star).

I suspect the unspoken source of much of the criticism can be credited to either discomfort with a female hero on the part of some, and/or resentment that Luke is not the hero of the final trilogy. Of course, a movie series that clings to an aging hero becomes both sad, and unbelievable (e.g. Indiana Jones in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – which may not bode well for the next film in that franchise).

Speaking just from my own perspective, that resonance between Rey and Ben Solo is the most interesting and novel element of the concluding trilogy; I am so pleased to know Reylos are pondering their relationship and what it reveals about the Force.

May the Force Be With You, too!