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Reply To: Questions about the Historical Atlas of World Mythology


Shaahayda writes:

Stephen, talking about the Historical Atlas Vol 1, part 1 and Vol2..print form, (1988 – 1989) I found them at this book store:  “

And even if one purchases all the books in the Historical Atlas this vendor has on hand, still missing the second part of Volume I and the first part of Volume II – but that’s pretty much the only way to find the print copies these days, piecemeal, though dedicated and regular searches (and if one doesn’t move quickly, then someone else buys them and you have to start over).

If one has the time and can afford to track down all five published parts of the print edition of the Atlas, I do recommend that. They are visually arresting, and well worth it.

As you note, no re-release of the print version is planned (that would take ears of dedicated effort – just confirming permissions for the hundreds of photos is labor intensive and time consuming – and would be incredibly expensive). That’s also a reason why, in the digital addition, we don’t associate the offerings we have with the published “parts” of the existing print volumes, as that division is irrelevant in an eBook (in much the same way, once cassette tapes went away, JCF no longer had to edit audio lectures down to fit an hour format, or provide for a break 29 minutes into the lecture so listeners could flip the tape over).

But eventually releasing the two volumes of the Historical Atlas as complete eBooks will make this material accessible and affordable for the general reader – and there are also advantages to eBooks that print volumes don’t have (such as links to related material).