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Reply To: Reading Campbell: Where to Begin


Hey Stephen; of course, thanks to the intense efforts of the foundation there is now quite a large selection of various works to choose from; but several that have helped me, and indeed continue to do so, would be Diane Osbon’s: “Reflections on the Art of Living – A Joseph Campbell Companion”; David Kudler’s wonderful edited series of lectures: “Pathways to Bliss”;  Sam Keen and Anne Valley-Fox’s: “Your Mythic Journey”, (taken from Joseph’s, Keen’s, and Fox’s Esalen seminars); Michael Tom’s great collection of recorded conversations with Joseph over the years: “An Open Life”, available in printed book form. As well as the important documentary: “The Hero’s Journey” By Phil Cousineau, available as both a DVD and in printed hardback.

All of these are treasure troves of Joseph personally sharing his thoughts on a variety of subjects not necessarily covered in the Power of Myth. These are targeted especially for people who may be interested in further explorations of Joseph’s ideas; and have been indispensable to me in my own journey over the years. I constantly refer to them for direct quotations and they also give great overviews and insights into his huge body of work.


As an addendum I should mention that although the book “Your Mythic Journey” is not a specific foundation work and does not include Joseph actually participating in the suggested topics for exploration, it’s focus was forged out of Keen’s, Fox’s, and Joseph’s ideas that were actually used in helping people to find and utilize their own personal myth. Joseph held these seminars on his birthday and until recently the foundation continued to hold this event there annually. (Hopefully when this Covid pandemic is over, they will resume.)