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Reply To: Reading Campbell: Where to Begin


Along with this list of where to begin with Joseph Campbell (James suggests some great titles), I am curious if anyone would care to share the title of a Campbell work that just did not speak to them? Don’t worry if it’s everybody else’s favorite – we all have our preferences, which need not invalidate anyone else’s likes or dislikes.

For me, it’s Tarot Revelations, by Joseph Campbell and Richard Roberts. Campbell’s contribution strikes me as singularly uninspired. (In fairness, this is book is really by Richard Roberts; he tacks on some commentary by Campbell on the Marseille deck at the beginning of the book, material which Joe covers better elsewhere, and added Campbell as posthumous co-author, within months of JC’s death, riding the wild success of the Power of Myth interviews on PBS – but in general, the book strikes me as dry; there is so much better work available on Tarot from a mythic perspective, even where Campbell isn’t mentioned).

Anyone else care to share?