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Reply To: Reading Campbell: Where to Begin


I would agree with you Stephen. That is to say, I came to JC through his lectures. I listened to many of them many times. I then started to read, and found Myths to Live by to be great. I have read it several times. I need to revisit Hero with a Thousand Faces, it was not what I needed at the time I read it. Recently, I was impressed with the book Myths of Light. It recycles much of what I have read and heard but I think that David Kudler masterfully edits together various threads from JC’s musings to provide clarity. So, my two cents to people looking for an entry point would be to listen to a lecture or two and then read or listen to Myths of Light. After that, if you are not hooked, then it is not your time. No offense meant, there is nothing that resonates with everyone. As an aside, I live in Japan, so I may be biased. Nevertheless, despite the focus on “Eastern Metaphors,” the book makes comparisons to other myths and metaphors so it is accessible to a broad audience.