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Reply To: The origin of the term The Hero’s Journey””


So as not to confused thread paths I am attempting to clarify my own post with an addendum. One of my favorite aspects of the hero quest joseph often refers to is Parsival, “the fool” who doesn’t know what he is doing; and by following his own heart instead of what others may think he attains the Grail which others do not. This symbolizes the individual journey out of one’s own inner world to find the source the heart is calling for. “Any” of us are vulnerable to our own misconceptions and misinterpretations we are often affected by; and it is by the humility and compassion as well as the courage of the quest the cloth that covers the grail cup is lifted. Metaphorically speaking that is, and sometimes this journey can take a lifetime; and no one is exempt from its’ passage; (at least symbolically as far as I can tell); and this was one of Joseph’s favorite motifs. It’s not a destination; but an ongoing process as best as I can surmise. (The mid-life crisis as in: “enantiodromia”, would be a good example.) But back to the question at hand of the template origin.