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Reply To: My story ..


I am so sorry to be tardy in replying, Mark – it’s been a brutal week (including my first Covid test in the wake of a potential  exposure to through my wife’s work – four days later, results still pending).

Are the spiritual uses of psychedelics an appropriate topic in Conversations of a Higher Order? Well, even though he never indulged himself, Joseph Campbell enjoyed friendships with Albert Hofmann, the Swiss chemist who first synthesized LSD in 1938,  Huston Smith, the noted religious studies scholar involved in early psychedelic research at Harvard, Alan Watts, celebrated author and mystic who was no stranger to LSD, Stanislav Grof, known for his research into the nature of consciousness (including observation and documentation of thousands of LSD research sessions at the Psychiatric Research Institute in Prague and the Maryland Psychiatric Research center in Baltimore) and a frequent collaborator with Campbell at Esalen seminars, and the Grateful Dead, who occupied the epicenter of psychedelic counterculture for over three decades.

Sure seems Campbell considered the topic appropriate, which works for me (not to mention how psychedelics spiritually transformed my own life). Please do start a discussion on this in The Conversation with a Thousand Faces forum – it’s an inspired idea. Even if it’s just you and me at first, I have no doubt others who share our enthusiasm will eventually join in  . . .