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Reply To: My story ..


Starting a conversation, Mark, is pretty much the same as saying hello in this thread. Some posts are brief, some are long; despite my own tendency toward excessive verbosity, I have yet to bump up against a word limit. Feel free to peruse some of the threads in the other forums (most of which are at least tangentially related to the overarching theme of that forum) to get an idea; you might consider posting in the Conversation with a Thousand Faces forum, which serves as a catch-all for any topics that don’t seem to fit in the other forums.

Quote anyone you would like. We do ask that you steer clear of contemporary politics, but anything related to one or another of Joseph Campbell’s many areas of interest (not just mythology, but depth psychology, the arts, comparative religion, archaeology and anthropology, biology, creativity, dreams, imagination, writing . . . even quantum physics) is appropriate.

Feel free to use the block quote function if citing lengthy passages (or quoting something from a previous poster in a thread you are responding to); for hyperlinks, do what I did above with the Conversation with a Thousand Faces forum – highlight what you want to link, then click the hyperlink icon (looks like a diagonal paperclip), and we’d prefer it if you check the option to “open link in a new window” when you do so.

And if you would like to know when someone replies (conversation threads, as you may have noticed already, tend to unfold at a more leisurely pace here than on social media), check the “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” box at the bottom of your post before clicking “Submit.”