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Reply To: My story ..


Hi Mark,

I looked for your post and didn’t find it – so I went into the admin side of the forums and looked up New Topic, and there was your post, listed as a draft (not quite sure how that happened). I switched it from “Draft” to “Published.”

I also removed the separate link to the Harry Reasoner program, instead using the same URL to link the title “The Hippie Temptation” and have the link open in a separate page (highlight the title, then click the paperclip icon in the horizontal menu above the post you are typing, paste the link into the filed that appears and click on the “Open in a new page” option). I don’t know the why of it, but seems the forum software sometimes flags for moderation posts with raw links.

It’s a rich, sumptuous, thoughtful piece of writing. I’ll add a few thoughts, and I trust others eventually will as well. Here is a link to your post.