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Reply To: Finding your story in a time of uncertainty


James, such a wonderful post. I read it with great interest. Your wrote:” . For instance he states on page 180: “On pages: 180-186; Joseph goes into great detail about not only: “what a sacred space is”; but also how one might implement this: “vehicle of consciousness” into one’s life as a kind of support system that will help one make sense of and give purpose to their individual life. It’s like your own personal tabernacle in which you are enclosed and there is nothing that can penetrate this inner rescue land so that you can discover your own personal myth by which you are living. For instance he states on page 180: “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again”;

I have thought a good deal about one’s sacred space, and as Joe writes, “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again”

At different times in my life, I worked on locating my sacred space, (not necessarily where I meditated) sometimes my dream world, where I found myself again and again. These days, it’s my inner world, the fondest memories of people and places that I am  reminded of. Of  moments where my heart skipped a beat when I looked at that one person I love. And as I dwell on some of those moments, my dream world becomes richer. Or that moment when a friend appeared at the airport to bid me goodbye, the beautiful expression on a friend’s face, the feeling that stays forever thinking of those moments. Sometimes there are sad sacred times too. In my mind, I visit them over and over again. More so now, as I am given to reflection, and recollection of those years gone by.

Some years ago, I thought, my sacred space was the “Justice System”, the various courts in Washington DC, where I found myself again and again. But not so anymore, it’s very much like, “or that’s what this sacred space is; the space where your associations are not with the field of phenomenal experience, but with the field of your own inward life. ”  So the field of my inward life and where I find myself again and again, remembering the sweet times, and maybe not so sweet either, is where my sacred space is.

And yes, a few years ago, my sacred space was where Joe Campbell’s books were, and I did find myself there over and over again.

Thank you James, Mary and Stephen for this thread.