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Reply To: Finding your story in a time of uncertainty


Thank you for a wonderful post Mary Ann.  So much to write but very little time. Just wanted to share some of what I did in the past few months. So, my research paper on “Death and Dying and End-of-Life  Care”, inspired by Alan Watts, was accepted and published in the “Journal of Environment and Public Health”.  Why am I mentioning it here and now? Well, it sort of links to public writing and personal writing, that you mentioned somewhere in this thread or an earlier thread.  Except one person, who shared the editing and collecting of data, no one, yes no one read that paper. I spent hours and hours collecting the data, checking it for accuracy, yet not much interest. But my personal writing, which is on varied subjects, is sometimes received with interest, and even appeals to me.

On another thread, you mentioned that you were now in your new house and settling in. I am very happy to hear that, and happy to hear that you have the space you needed.  Enjoy and post a pic when you have time.