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Reply To: Finding your story in a time of uncertainty


haha, I meant “not longer articles,” not “not loner articles!” I guess that was a Campbellian slip? A Jungian slip? So many people feel like loners these days with the pandemic.

I know how people say a virus has no conscience and means no harm, but just is, but sometimes (now and then) it just feels like there is something almost sinister to it all when I cannot hug my granddaughter! One minute I feel strong about it (and optimistic and take it in stride) and the next I feel sad and less optimistic (especially with the Covid case #s growing again). I think we are “allowed” to feel strong and sad at the same time–?

It seems too we are all called to be heroes to this pandemic story in one way or another–even if we are not out there on the front lines as medical people or as food servers or grocery clerks, many of us find ourselves championing our families, kids, grandkids, significant others, or parents in nursing homes, and our wonderful animal friends in our household living with us.