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Reply To: Finding your story in a time of uncertainty


    Hey everyone; it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on this thread but I wanted to include a short clip on Dennis Patrick Slattery’s book that may line up with what is currently being discussed concerning the process of writing one’s personal myth. For me Diane Osbon’s book: “Reflections on the Art of Living – A Joseph Campbell Companion”; has been crucial in my journey for it was written in 1991; but: “Riting Myth Mythic Writing”; was written in 2012; and deals more with the actual writing process of one’s myth than the other which for me deals more with understanding how to incorporate “Joseph’s themes” into one’s life.

    I’ve been spending some time on Slattery’s website listed earlier; which has quite a bit of material concerning his own process including some fascinating posts on his Painting and Pottery; (one of which has some pieces on Carl Jung’s: “Red Book”. I bring this up because although writing is still the main focus of this thread; Marianne’s quote earlier about incorporating “all” the arts lies at the heart and soul of the inner: “sacred space”; which Joseph felt was critical for human well being in modern life. You could say hobby or craft is one aspect; and indeed Jung’s process of: “Play” is one of the avenues this inner expression begins to take place. But Slattery approaches this idea in a very unique way which the clip talks about: