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Reply To: Finding your story in a time of uncertainty


    Thank you Stephen for sharing your insights and experiences of how those Mythic Journey seminars were kind of like a gathering of “mythic” eagles as it were; where for that brief moment people from all walks of life could come together and be inspired and re-energized by what one’s own “mythic journey” is really all about. I remember when I first joined the earlier version of CoaHO I would sometimes hear occasional references to this event and how awesome it was.

    This brings me to a particular moment I experienced recently that profoundly reminded me of how one’s own personal story represents as a gateway to understanding what the deeper meanings of one’s life are like no other; that one’s story is a gateway to understanding how one’s personal myth in terms relative to them alone and not the societal context out of which they may be enclosed defines the trajectory in which they come to realization. This idea of one’s own unique identity as a seed that if planted and nurtured can flower into something far beyond their imagination to comprehend because as Joseph Campbell reveals it puts you on a kind of track that has been waiting for you to discover and if followed will take you where your heart and soul tells you to go. But this transformational process is not without peril for these trials of their adventure are indeed important components that are responsible for these alchemical illuminations to take place. Mystics and spiritual advisors have understood this motif for centuries and act as helpful guides by providing insights on this voyage of self-discovery; but it is within the process itself the true meanings are revealed.

    As Joseph suggests the night sea journey of these quests often may come in many forms; often with battles that must be faced and dealt with as well as moments of deep reflection where self-examination reveals one’s inner demons may actually be the gatekeepers one is seeking for passage through to the other side of their portals that is calling to them. And that the veil that hides the spiritual grail they are seeking may actually be right in front of them.

    I was finishing a conversation and completing a task the other day when upon closing my computer down I noticed a movie playing in the background I had not seen before that caught my attention. It was a film done in 2007 called: “The Freedom Writers” about a high school English teacher named Erin Gruwell who found a way to help “at risk teens” from a poverty stricken neighborhood in Long Beach California find out who they were and that their stories had value in world that does not seem to care. One of the important mechanisms she employed was journal writing; and on this voyage of self-discovery they began to discover stories other than their own which helped to develop empathy for others suffering as well as the self -healing that needed to take place. A bestselling book came out of this experience and of course the movie that I mentioned which is very highly recommended. She went on to set up a Foundation that helps other teachers employ some of these techniques for establishing the meaningful dialogue that needs to take place for this to happen. I searched through lots of clips about her and the movie and came upon this lecture she gave about her experiences which should help provide more background on the: “The Freedom Writer’s Diaries”