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Reply To: I’m surprised there is no topic for Personal Mythology


    SidianMSJones; now that Stephen has provided a more comprehensive introduction to your query and has provided a more re-organized reformatting of the forums your search may be a bit easier to seek out some of the answers concerning your own personal myth, or story you may want to research. It is of course “personal to you” as the motif or template suggests; but no matter how you frame it there are certain ideas that may be helpful in finding your own pathway through your journey.

    As you have no doubt encountered there are varying points of interpretation of what constitutes this concept as Stephen has offered; and in particular one that most often gets misunderstood is this: “Follow Your Bliss” theme and a what it has to do with what a myth is in relation to this idea of the: Hero/Quest/Journey and it’s relationship to Jung’s ideas. And indeed Joseph was quoted as saying: “I should have said: “Follow your blisters”; so that should give you some sense of how he viewed this very deep personal process of psychological and spiritual transformation within a human lifetime.

    So as you start exploring I’m going to provide a link to an older piece introduced by our former Jungian moderator; Cindy Bias; back on the earlier forums that helped clear up some of the ambiguity people often encounter with this subject. It was written in 1986 by: Donald Kalsched and Alan Jones called; “Myth and Psyche: The Evolution of Consciousness”; which should go a long way in helping to bridge the confusion between Campbell and Jung and how their ideas line up. There are lots of places to start; depending of what interests you; so it should be easier now to pick something when you’re ready.

    Stephen’s explanation was just wonderful and I don’t see how it could be improved on; so back to your request we’ll look forward to hearing from you or anyone else who has thoughts they might want to share.