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Reply To: I’m surprised there is no topic for Personal Mythology


Well what a fortunate turn of events! The new forum topic seems a great addition.

And yes, I’m very well versed in Personal Mythology. Stanley Krippner is my co-author over a couple books and we’ve spent a great deal of time discussing Personal Mythology and then more recently collaborating on a Personal Mythology project which I’ll refrain from naming for the sake of not coming across spammy. The aim though is to provide a place where personal myths can be posted, shared, and collected, and also to build the biggest encyclopedia of meanings and symbolism in the world! We like to call ourselves the Myth Keepers, because why not mythologize such a grand undertaking :)?

I feel I am still early in my quest to learn Campbell’s material. Stanley’s I am well acquainted with since he was my teacher, but Campbell I find difficult because his works seem to jump around from thought to thought so much. Way too similar to my own style of thinking which means that while reading him I become lost in daydream at every sentence!

Well, thank you so much for adding the forum topic. I hope to contribute to that ‘quest’. Personal Mythology is my life’s work so it is a bit rejuvenating to find more like minds on the topic.