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Reply To: I’m surprised there is no topic for Personal Mythology


Thank you Lynn. I  just downloaded the lecture, and hope to contribute some more, if I can. Thank you all for the awesome contributions. So much to learn and absorb just on this topic.

Thank you Stephen, ” I suspect those who dismiss “personal myth” are really expressing their discomfort with popular misunderstandings of what Campbell means (much the same as Jordan Peterson’s antipathy toward the idea of “following your bliss” – what he describes isn’t how Joe uses the term, but how some lazy thinkers believe about it; turns out he reinforces those misconceptions, and is a bit of a lazy thinker himself, as he too misunderstood Campbell on this point).”

Stephen: Dennis too discussed personal myth in his presentation. (I am hoping that my recollection is not faulty) Question was asked how do you know that a myth (macro level) is dying, and can one say the same about a personal myth (micro level)? So the discussion on Mythology of Belief spilled into other areas of personal myths.

Thank you Marianne for your thought provoking and wonderful contribution. “Perhaps in this thread we could take some time to unravel  then list differentiations we can make in whatever ways we each do so–or discuss what this concept of differentiation means to us and how it plays out in each our lives and possibly then examine too how these could differ from the collective–and apply this to our personal myths (to include our dreams, I suggest).” Would love to see this thread unravel in all directions.

SidianMSJones, “Do you happen to have a link to that Dennis Slattery presentation you mentioned?” No I don’t, and it’s best that Dennis explore and elaborate this. I am afraid of misstating because I didn’t write or record the session.

And James, I am still working on a response to your post. Got my book by my side, I’ll write back tonight.