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Reply To: I’m surprised there is no topic for Personal Mythology


Yes indeed the new COHO layout is very attractive and easy to navigate. Thank you Lynn for the reference to Joe’s audio lecture on “Personal Myth”. Although, I love the entire recording, the reinventing our childhood symbols is my favorite. Particularly enjoyable was the section on Jung uncovering his childhood symbols, and from then forward, his dream world became rich and the images that came through his dreams, then found their way into his psyche, doors opened for him, he met new friends, and scholars. I especially loved the way he described Freud’s interpretation of dreams (ha ha) from waist downward, and neglects the neck upward part of our biology!!

I need to find a way to work with my childhood symbols. Realization a bit too late because skipping rope is no longer that easy or that much fun!

Jumping rope